Friday, July 24, 2009


The hummingbirds are finally back! They took a while to find our feeders this year despite the red ribbons. One feeder is on the window beside our breakfast table where we eat all of our meals. We're very entertained with the hummingbird wars that have already started. One little guy lands on the feeder, and another comes diving down at him. They fly off in circles with one another. One sees a chance to land again, and the cycle continues. It's great fun and terrific dinner time entertainment.

My four year old learned last year to identify the males and females. It took her a couple of times to get it right this year, but she is accurate each time now! I hope she always loves the birds!


  1. reached you from bird sanctuary dreams.thank you for these nice pictures.
    i will link you from my blog

  2. Thank you, guys! I really love taking the pictures.