Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Barn Swallows & the Nuthatch

Last week, we noticed a lot of bird noise and activity at the front of our house. Birds were flying around and in between the houses, and they were landing on the edge of our roof. They were catching a breeze and gliding like kites. They must have been having a lot of fun! When they landed, it appeared that adult birds were feeding their babies. We were able to get several pictures, and we're pretty sure the birds were barn swallows.

We haven't seen any nests on the house, but I think nests might be close as the barn swallows prefer to nest in areas like roof lines. They also need mud to build their nests, and there are lots of places around here to have that.

The little nuthatch also came back to the feeder, and I was able to get a picture. He is a brown-headed nuthatch. The pictures weren't wonderful, but I was excited to be able to identify what kind of nuthatch was have visiting us. I'm hopeful he'll get more use to our attention and that I'll be able to get a better picture!

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