Thursday, July 23, 2009


A juvenile male house finch visited our feeder yesterday. His feathers are just beginning to turn crimson. Some of his little downey, baby feathers are still visible right above his legs.

A pair of gold finches also flew in. I couldn't get a good picture of them together, but I was able to get a picture of each of them. I thought I saw a male gold finch feeding a baby at the feeder this week, but I wasn't able to get a picture of them. We planted a very small maple tree in our yard last year, and I'm hoping when it gets bigger that a pair of these birds will build a nest. We hear them chirping as they fly around the house and when they land on the feeder. It's been fun getting to know their voice, and now we know they're on the feeder as soon as we hear them!
I love Diane's description of the male gold finches. She calls the Generals. I think that must be because of the black "hat" the males have on their heads. The female in the picture below looks regal enough to be a general's wife! It looks as if she is posing for me in the picture below!

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