Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Hummingbids

Yesterday, I sat outside in my front yard watching the hummingbirds. I was armed with my camera, and I was able to get a few good pictures (and lots of mediocre ones). The time I spent just watching the birds was the most relaxed I've been in about a month. The irony is that I was watching the tiny birds fuss and fight and zoom all around the feeders and each other! Another part of that irony is I like the pictures of the hummers in motion, the ones with their wings stretched out, so much better than the ones where they are just sitting.
August was a tough month in terms of emotions and time. Both my little girls are in school this year: My oldest started kindergarten, and my youngest started preschool. I can't believe my babies are that old, and what does that say about my age? :) My sweet babies are not really babies anymore. I thought I would have more free time, and I have less. My husband tells me that I need to prioritize a little better, and I think he might be right . . . just this one time! There have been lots of changes in our house, and taking time to watch the birds was just what I needed! With a few hours alone several days a week, I need to make bird watching/relaxing a priority.


  1. Great pictures! I can never capture any of my hummingbirds.

  2. I sit very still with a good lense and snap away. I was even able to stand about 3 feet away from the feeder out front. I was mostly hidden by a lot of leaves, so they didn't see me well. Plus, they seem to be distracted by hunger and dominance issues!