Friday, May 13, 2011

We have bluebird eggs!!

Earlier this week, I saw a female bluebird go into the nest box on our fence. John took a peek, and there are 5 eggs inside! I'm not sure when the eggs were laid, but we'll be checking on them until little birds fledge.

We can clearly see 4 eggs, and the fifth is up close to the front of the nest. In this picture, we can just barely see the fifth one! I'm not tall enough to see in the nest, so I live vicariously through the pictures. It's just another reason I'm glad I married a tall man!


  1. Lucky! I had one a couple years ago.

  2. We just checked yesterday afternoon, and the eggs still have not hatched. My girls found a chipping sparrow nest at my neighbor's house, and I'll post pictures of it soon! There is one hatchling and two eggs. It's so tiny!

    Do you clean out your blue bird boxes with a bleach solution after each nest? I read we're suppose to do that, but I haven't so far.