Thursday, May 21, 2009

Northern Cardinal

This is the Northern Cardinal that's been coming to our feeders for several weeks. When I first saw him, he looked a little mange-y and must not have been a full grown bird. I think he has a mate now, and she likes to use the feeder in the back yard. I managed to get a picture of the male at the back yard feeder. The camera is peering through the bars of the deck in the first picture in the first picture. The last picture is of the cardinal on our fence. I've not been able to get a picture of the female. She flies away at the least noise. Last summer, the female cardinal was my favorite bird. (I've been obsessed with the Bluebirds, Hank and Dorie, so far this year.) The cardinals seem not to like having their picture taken, so I have to have good timing to get a picture. We love to hear their metallic chirp at the feeders every morning. We had three baby cardinals last year, and I'm hoping we get some more this year!

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